How To Take Care of A Bonsai Tree

How To Take Care of A Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Care

As with any plantlife, watering is absolutely fundamental to your bonsai tree care – no water and it will quite simply die! Watering is especially important as you will be using a small container for your bonsai tree – a bonsai tree in a container could die of thirst in as little time as 48 hrs.
When you begin taking care of a bonsai tree, whether it’s an indoor bonsai tree, or an outdoor bonsai, watering is the most common area of worry – more bonsai trees die through lack of or over watering than any other cause.
Okay, so when should you water your bonsai? Well the simple answer is only when the bonsai actually needs it! So really the question should perhaps be, how do I know when I should water my bonsai? To answer then, the easiest way is to scratch the soil just below the surface. If this is dry then you must thoroughly water, if it is wet then your bonsai will not need water, if it is damp then you can water.
As you get more used to caring for your bonsai tree this will become easier as you will be able to judge by looking at the soil surface. If you do not feel confident after a few weeks, then try to stop using the scratch below the surface method (as this may well compact the roots). Instead you can insert a wooden stick into the soil towards the edge of your pot, so that it goes right to the floor of the pot, and just leave it there. When you want to check whether your bonsai needs watering all you need to do is to remove the stick and see how damp the end is – this will give you a good indication of whether you need to water your bonsai tree or not.
So now you have established how to know when your bonsai needs to be watered, you may well want further information on how to take care of a bonsai tree. There are many great guides for taking care of a bonsai tree on the market, just have a good look around and take a look at Growing Bonsai Indoors or Bonsai Gardening Secrets

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