The Best Choices for Bonsais

The Best Choices for Bonsais

Slow Growing Trees Are the Best Choices for Bonsais

Bonsai is basically dwarfing any tree from nature by limiting its growth with the pot and trimming the branches and leaves to train it in miniature form. Not all trees are really suitable for the art of Bonsai
Plants and trees that are slow growing are the best choices for bonsais. Some of those include juniper, azaleas, serisas, maple, crab apple, citrus and wisterias. Some of these plants and trees give the added effect of blooming flowers, while other trees give off a burst of the earth tones known for autumn colors.
The ones that won’t work well with the art of bonsai are the large leaf plants or trees and the ones with larger root systems. These tend to grow at a faster rate and will be difficult to train to stay at a miniature size.
They also probably won’t last as long because the bonsai trees need to be able to grow smaller roots within a smaller pot. The larger-rooted trees will only suffocate in the smaller pots. You can check with your local greenhouse to see if they carry plants to be used for bonsai purposes.
They can also help you get started in the hobby by giving you tips on the best trimming techniques for each type of tree. There are many great guides on the art of bonsai that can help you go from beginner to advanced hobbyist with a shorter learning curve.

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