Choosing Your Bonsai

What Do You Pick For Your New Bonsai?

There are a huge range of bonsai to choose from, as in reality any plant with a trunk and some branches can become a bonsai plant,
Many people go for the tropical Bonsai Plant because they are so beautiful and they can be grown indoors all year around. Examples of tropical bonsai plants are azalea, fig, bougainvillea, and fuchsia. choosing your bonsai
Although the tropical bonsai plants are extremely popular, there are many others, including trees and shrubs such as the elm, birch, apple, ginkgo, and spirea. These will lose their leaves in the winter once the days become shorter. They will also require cooler temperatures than the tropical bonsai, and must be kept well above freezing during the winter. Also during the time they have no leaves, they do not need any light.
When you are choosing a bonsai plant you will need to think about where abouts you intend to grow it, as this could alter the type you buy. If you go for the tropical bonsai plant it can be grown in the window, but you will need to keep a close check on the temperature and ensure it does not get too cold. These bonsai will need lots of light. If it gets too cold by the window you could use a fluorescent light as a substitute for natural sunlight.
If you choose an evergreen bonsai, it can be placed in a window during the winter and outdoors once the temperature has risen. You cannot put this type of bonsai plant into direct sunlight, they need to go into a shady area plants cannot be placed directly in the sun, but must be put in a shady place, otherwise they may die from too much heat.
There are many different styles of bonsai plants, including the upright tree, the windswept bonsai plant, as well as the cascade and forest styles of Bonsai Plants. Before making your final decision on which style you would like to try and grow, it is a good idea to discover as much as you can about each type and how to care for them. This way you are more likely to have a beautiful bonsai plant that will be your pride for years to come.

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