Advice on Caring For a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai which is an interesting technique of growing the adult trees in a miniature form was originated in Japan a long time ago. In fact when you see a banyan tree that looks like a 50 year old one with all its long branches, shoots and cylindrical roots but at the same time the height is just 4 to 5 feet then this becomes very unusual and exciting.

This is the reason why many people take keen interest in decorating the most exposed corner of their house with a Bonsai tree. But there are few things that are essential when it comes to taking proper care of a Bonsai tree. The most important elements are water, light and fertilizer.

Watering the Bonsai Tree

Water is the main component that a tree uses to prepare its food. A bonsai tree might die within its tub if you do not water it for continuous 48 hours. But then again excess water can act like poison to a bonsai tree. Now this is a fact that you will need to identify the right time to water your bonsai tree.

You can do this by judging the soil. Dig the upper surface of the soil and look at the inner part. If it is moist enough then you do not need to water it anymore. If it is dry then do not delay in watering them.

Fertilizing the Bonsai Tree

The soil that surrounds the roots of the bonsai tree contains very little nutritional value. Moreover the slightest bit of the minerals and other nutritional particles simply wash away when you put water everyday. But they need regular supply of food in order to survive and the bonsai trees just like other normal trees collect their food from the soil.

This is the reason why fertilizing the soil on a regular basis is very important. The most important elements required for its survival are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. You should apply the fertilizers which are rich in these 3 mineral contents. In fact the type of fertilizer will also depend on the species of the bonsai tree.

Keeping the Bonsai in Light

The rays of the sun are the basic necessity for any plant. There are many people who keep their bonsai plants at one corner of the room as a part of decoration and completely forget about taking them out regularly in the sun. This is the reason why the bonsai trees often become weak and gradually die.

So always place your bonsai tree in the sun-light for several hours in a day. But scorching heat of the sun and high temperature is harmful for the bonsai. Hence it is always advisable to keep them under some kind of shade which will shield the bonsai tree from the stark light but benefit them equally.

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