How to breed crested geckos

crested gecko breeding, How I breed my crested geckos

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  1. my female got like 2 or 2 and a half mounth off and then i raised the heat and she is producing a clucth should i cool her afrter the clucth is laid or let her produce 3 or 4 more clucthes before cooling

  2. photo period just means to give them a period of lightness to signify day time and darkness to signify night time

  3. yep thats pretty much what I do 🙂 basically put them together for breeding season then seperate for cooldown

  4. idk all the vids are so vage about that. but ive picked up that yes you do this and you need to seperate htem if the male goes to hard on her (my female is in her own enclosure now untilk she lays her clutch)

  5. oh wow think i get what u said at end… so u keep together for like 9 consecutive months of the year and seperate for cool down for three consecutive months of the year? great video im just a little confused i msorry

  6. if both geckos are of weight can u have a male and female permanetly living together or do u have to introduce when u want eggs?

  7. OMG haha my geckos weren’t aggressive at all when I introduced them. I thought they would be cause I had my female for a year and I put the male in the cage and thought she would get territorial. They love each other :] I just discovered they had babies this morning. Your geckos are beautiful by the wayy.

  8. try seperating the pair for a couple weeks or so. Make sure temperatures are correct. and mose of all be patient, a lot of the breeding will happen when you are sleeping so you wont actually see them in the process. If this doesnt work, message me through my page with details of everything youve tried and I will respond more in depth 🙂

  9. I would NOT try this! It does not sound safe, I have never heard of anyone doing this before.

  10. i need help :[ i did everything one you vidreo its my males first tim ehes 42 grams and hes just not getting the idea of what to do they are just friends and i love them they’re beatiful and im sad D: help please!!

  11. I’ve heard that if you stick a cap full of calcium powder in the tank the crestie will know how much to take and not OD on it…is this true? I just wanted to make sure before I try it =/

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