All About Bonsai

images If you are a nature lover and admirer, and if you love trees, Bonsai trees are definately made for you. Bonsai are like a tiny version of big trees, bougainvillea bonsai being the most famous. Differently styled and shaped bonsai trees make its surroundings graceful and full of nature. The size and style of the bonsai must be kept in mind while choosing a container for it.
When going out to buy a bonsai, three aspects must be kept in mind i.e. the type of container, position of the plant, choice of the plant type variety.
The bonsai is available in different styles. Some of them are slant, cascade, semi-cascade, windswept, formal upright and informal upright. The slant style is the most easy and common of all. In this, the trunk extends in one direction and the lowest branch to the other. Slant style can be done on almost any bonsai tree.The cascade types have a sloping effect in which the trunk is vertical and turned to one direction. The branches are cascaded lower than the surface of the container. The semi cascade is a bit similar to the cascade. The only difference in the two is that the trunk gradually slopes rather than turning to one direction. The windswept style looks as if the tree has been beset by strong wind blows. It looks beautifully unkempt. The formal upright style is the one in which trunk is straight upwards and the lower branches are wider than the rest. The next branches are slightly narrower than its preceding braches so that a triangular appearance of the tree is achieved. Pine, Larch, Juniper and Spruce are the trees that have this kind of arrangement. The informal upright style gives the tree, an appearance of motion where the top branch is extended forward instead of upwards. Beech, Japanese Maple and Trident Maple trees have informal upright style. These styles have been practiced over the ages and grace any place with their unique appearance.
There are basically four sizes of flowering bonsai. These sizes are miniature, small, medium and average. Miniature bonsai is about two inches tall. It usually achieves this within two to three three years. Small bonsai can grow to three to six inches in height and take around five to nine years to grow. Medium bonsai grow to six to twelve inches tall. They grow quickly and mature in around three years. Average sized bonsai may grow to even two feet, attaining maturity in three years. It is easy to find various types of bonsai trees available in these styles for shaping and training.
Some famous Bonsai trees are
Flowering Quince – It has white and red flowers on its branches and the leaves have teeth with the flowers growing in tight clusters. It has green and yellow fruits. It normally belongs to asian countries.
Mt. Fuji Serissa – It has beautiful white colourings on the outer leaves.
Okinawa Holly – It has small pink flowers and grows from 60F and 85F.
If you dont have much time to take care of your bonsai properly, artificial bonsais are available too. These artificial bonsai look exactly like the real. Its better to have an artificial bonsai at home than a real one of which you cant take care of.

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