How to Take Care of Bonsai Trees

images (26) How to Take Care of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai plants are often purchased to decorate homes and offices, but growing a bonsai tree and taking care of it can sometimes be an extensive process. For example, in order to grow a Bonsai tree from a seed you must first let the seed grow outside in winter time to allow a period of dormancy. However, caring for a small bonsai tree in your home is similar to caring for an outdoor bonsai tree. Regularly trim and prune the tree so that it will grow appropriately. You may also need to use a wire to guide the growth of the plant if you want it to grow straight.

Step 1

Visit your local garden store or bonsai specialist to make sure you use the correct soil for the type of bonsai tree you have. No matter what kind of soil you use, make sure that the soil retains water easily and absorbs nutrients from the air.



Step 2

Make sure that your bonsai tree is place in area that receives an abundance of sunlight, such as a window sill. The room temperature should also be moderate and never too cold or hot.

Step 3

Water your bonsai tree every time the soil is dry. Typically, you should need to water your plant daily. Never let the plant get too dry or flood the plant with water. When watering, make sure that excess water drains out of the bottom of the pot.

Step 4

Fertilize in early spring and in later summer, as fertilizing should take place every six to 12 months. Use fertilizer that is water soluble and contains trace elements, and.apply to moist soil.

Step 5

Prune both the branches and the root at the beginning of spring. Remove the branches on the tree that you don’t want, using a small pair of hedge clippers. Do the same for the roots in order to keep your bonsai tree short.

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