Bonsai – It’s a Form of Art!


Bonsai is as Asian term for a tree in a pot. The art of bonsai originally came from China, but was later developed by the Japanese. Bonsai started as miniature trees that were dwarfed due to nature. When these trees became popular, the Japanese found a way to take a native tree and train it to be like the earlier bonsais.
The art form comes in through the pruning, trimming and clipping of the roots and the limbs so that the tree has the same exotic look as the original naturally formed bonsais. Perfection was key in the Japanese culture, but when the art form reached America, bonsais were more for decorative purposes and the state of perfection became more relaxed.
The bonsai trees became more popular because people were amazed by the old look to the trees that were dwarfed in size. A tree in a miniature world fascinates bonsai enthusiasts because they appear to have the same proportions as a larger tree, but only in a tinier form.
The art of bonsai, or the trimming and training of these trees, has been seen as a stress reliever because it brings a sense of calm and relaxation while nurturing the tiny tree.
Your hard work can also be appreciated as you sit and enjoy the view of the dwarfed tree sitting inside your home as part of the décor, instead of outside where most trees are found.

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