A Bonsai Pot is as Indispensable as the Bonsai Itself

images (1) In the cultivation of bonsai, the bonsai pot is as essential, therefore great care and effort is needed to choose one that complements the bonsai. Choices for bonsai pots are aplenty and they co-exist with the bonsai so the right one that matches the bonsai is vital.

Bonsai pot can add great vale to the bonsai and as bonsai is a delicate art form, the beauty can be greatly enhanced by the right bonsai pot. Whether it is to add charm to the outdoor garden or improve the look of the indoor decor, bonsai is a wonderful addition. The enchanting beauty of the bonsai is undeniable but it can look out of place if the pot does not match the overall aesthetic value.

Without the bonsai pot, the cultivation of the bonsai is next to impossible as the small container is required to stunt its growth. Bonsai is a miniaturized version of real plant but through pruning and various techniques, the growth is kept small. Sunlight and watering are equally important but do not make the soil soggy with too much moisture. Nutrients are needed to fertilize the plant and achieving a balance between the various requirements can result in a healthy plant.

The aesthetic vale of the bonsai pot is undeniable and the choice of materials can be crafted to enhance the allure of the magnificent trees. Bonsai pot comes in many different materials and sizes and selecting one that match is an art itself. Each pot is designed according to various dimensions of the bonsai trees and expert even has formulas to match pots and bonsai of different sizes.

For beginners, the pot can be of plastic material but then can be transferred to pots made of wood, terra cotta or stoneware when they matured. Experts usually concur that stoneware is the ideal material for bonsai plant and the color of the pot can add value to the plant. Brown is the most appropriate color for most bonsai plants but pale yellow and off-white can be chosen depending on the types of leaves. There is also the choice of glazed pot that is preferred over unglazed pot although it is costly by comparison.

There are times where choosing the right bonsai pot can be tricky when you are cultivating wild or nursery grown trees but holes for drainage is the main consideration as well as holes for wire to pass through to secure it when repotting.

The mood and the statement that the bonsai trees are trying to convey are factors in deciding the right type of pot as a shallow and oval pot will complement bonsai that harmonize with the landscape general look. The width of the pot should be as wide as the tree branches and the depth should be more than the trunk width to enable the roots to spread.

In the choice of the ideal pot for a cascading bonsai, choose one that is broad enough and the best pot is one that is approximately half the span of the tree and the depth should be half the height of the tree as well. By choosing well. The aesthetic feel of the bonsai is magnified many times.

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