John Deere Responds to Logger Challenges With Improved H-Series Skidders

MOLINE, Illinois —
In response to common productivity and operational challenges throughout the logging industry, John Deere has introduced new Autoshift functionality on its popular line of H-Series Skidders. The elimination of shifting allows operators to use their right hand to run the grapple and focus on pulling the load, which effectively makes the skidder easier to operate, increases productivity and decreases operator fatigue.

The Autoshift option leverages the fuel efficiency advantage of direct drive and lock-up torque converter (LUTC) transmissions, and automatically selects the optimal gear for a given load.

“The H-Series skidders are built to maximize uptime, satisfy a wide-range of customer preferences, and keep operating costs down,” said Elizabeth Quinn, Product Marketing Manager, Skidders and Wheeled Feller Bunchers. “Faster load gathering and ground speed combined with best-in-class fuel efficiency ensure the H-Series Skidders move the most wood at the lowest cost per ton.”

PowerTech Plusâ„¢ Tier 3 emission-certified diesel engines for fuel economy deliver power without compromise in all conditions. Whether on steep slopes or swamp conditions, these H-Series Skidders with Autoshift can handle all types of wood.

The Autoshift option is available in all John Deere skidder models—540GIII and 640H Cable Skidders, and 548GIII, 648H, 748H and 848H Grapple Skidders.

The John Deere skidders feature industry-leading axles, bulletproof frames, and innovative options like dual-mode steering.

Source : John Deere

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