Caring For Bonsai Trees

images (24) Do you love plants but you do not like to do some gardening outdoors? Do you prefer to have plants in pots or trays to be displayed inside the comfort of your homes? How about opting to put your green thumb at work by taking care of bonsai trees?
Bonsai trees are small or miniature trees that are placed in pots or trays. According to the World Book, the bonsai word means "tray planted." It originated among the Japanese and Chinese aristocrats a long time ago and is currently a popular hobby among plant enthusiasts worldwide. You can find several kinds of bonsai trees like the typical ones which are the formal upright trees or those that are bended and curved artistically for aesthetic purposes. Not all trees are suited to be grown into bonsai trees. The popular ones include evergreens, pines, fruit trees like cherry and plum just to name a few.
Caring and growing bonsai trees are difficult and it often takes years of practice for some to master the art of growing them. The trees have to be properly pruned to keep it small and healthy. It entails a lot of patience, time and skills for that matter. Before deciding on a particular bonsai tree, plan on where you want to put it. Some types can be grown outdoors and some indoors. If you prefer to have it indoors, choose those kinds that are well suited for the indoors.
Bonsai trees require special attention and care for it to thrive. Bear in mind that we have constrained the tree’s growth into a pot or tray. Since bonsai trees are planted in an area with a limited amount of soil, you need to check the frequency with which it needs to be watered. We have to keep the soil moist and damp to ensure that it has enough supply of water to nourish it. You can check the dampness of the soil by placing your finger about several centimeters deep into the soil to feel if it is dry or you could use a water meter if you have one. If it is necessary to water it, give it enough water and ensure that it drains through the bottom of the holes in the pot or tray.
For its daily dose of sunlight, place your bonsai tree outdoors especially if it requires some direct sunlight. To ensure soil nutrients regularly schedule fertilization for your bonsai plants.
These are just some of the basic things you need to do to properly take care of your bonsai plants. Before buying any bonsai always ask and research for more information to ensure that your bonsai will live for more years to come.

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