What is Serissa Bonsai?

images1 Serissa is a tiny evergreen shrub that can grow 50 cms tall. It was first spotted in Southeast Asia, amidst damp and moist open woodland. The leaves come in opposite sides. Funnel shaped flowers are often produced by the Serissa bonsai especially during the summer. Thus it earns the nickname "tree of a thousand stars."
There is a wide variety of Serissa that is currently being cultivated targeted to bonsai enthusiasts. They are commondly found throughout Europe, especially in Britain. Serissa is famous for being hard maintenance especially to bonsai newbies. They have the tendency to drop their leaves, sometimes even turning yellow, when the proper growing conditions aren’t followed.
Since they come from a subtropical location, Serissa bonsai has to be grown at a temperature that is below 7 degree Celsius. Indoor cultivation is highly suggested when the bonsai enthusiast is considering of growing Serissa.
It important that the Serissa tree also gets a couple of weeks outside so that it can get the day and night temperature it needs. Just remember to bring it indoors when the temperature drops right below 7 degree Celsius, be it day or night. You have to look for a bright position for your plant. Make sure that it isn’t too sunny.
For some reason, serissa bonsai don’t like to be continuously wet from watering. They prefer that their roots be moist instead. Thus, the watering process of a serissa bonsai is by checking the dry compost once in a while. Water it thoroughly but don’t drain it too much. It is alright to water the Serissa bonsai on a daily basis but check if the plant requires misting.
Remove the serissa’s suckers by styling the trunk in such a way that it becomes multiple. Prune one or two leaves of the bonsai in order to shape it properly.
If the Serissa bonsai is yellowing, it is prone to diseases and pests. By properly placing the bonsai on a moist and well-regulated place with the right temperature, then there is no need to worry because the right humidity can help keep diseases and pests away from the Serissa.
If you are wondering what the proper way to style a Serissa is, wonder no more. Any style can do as long as it can grow its small or medium size – which is 50 cms tall.
Because some Serissa tend to have think trunks, get a pot that is shallow in order for the plant to appropriately grow in its container. For aesthetic purposes, you can also get one that has a decoration.

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