The Different Bonsai Care Methods

images (24) The bonsai plant has become a popular hobby if only because of its relation with nature, ecology and the environment. However, the bonsai requires special kind of raising and care to ensure its perfect health.
How can we provide our bonsai plants with the proper care and attention they need? The following are some important methods or procedures on how to care for our bonsai.
One essential care that we should give to our bonsai plant involves the soil and the fertilizers and nutrients that we mix on it. This is why we have to make sure that the soil that we are using to plant our bonsai in should be of good quality.
The bonsai plant needs all the nutrients it needs. The soil therefore needs to be mixed with fertilizers and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, some potash and parts of phosphoric acid. Introduction of such fertilizers should be done two to three times every month, especially during the springtime of the year. During the winter and late part of the fall season, use of fertilizers should be only once a month.
The bonsai plant needs lots of sunshine, and this should mean direct exposure to the sun. In cases of indoor bonsai plants, they should be put out even if only for a few hours to receive some sunlight. Sunlight provides the bonsai with its required dose of Vitamin D. On the other hand, if the plant’s foliage is trimmed of some leaves and branches, it would need less sun exposure than normal.
A particular type of bonsai would require a certain container of specific size and shape to optimize the proper growth of the plant, its foliage and roots. For example, the bonsai with a cascade style should be planted in a round pot. This shape is ideal as the cascade style abruptly bends down the rim of the pot. Likewise, we must assure that the position of the pot or container should be correct. Again, in the case of the cascade style, the pot should be placed on the edge of the stand or table to provide room for the bending foliage of the bonsai.
Definitely, water is one of the most important components needed in keeping out bonsai plant healthy. Watering the bonsai plant should be done with care. Since the bonsai is planted in a limited amount of soil, watering is also done with restriction and regular monitoring. Definitely, only a limit amount of water is given to the bonsai as too much water can do damage to the health of the plant. Strict monitoring of moisture present on the soil should also be done. A reliable way of knowing is by putting your finger down the soil to determine if it is dry or still damp with moisture.

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