Watering Care Tips For Bonsai Growing

images (12) The most important aspect of a successful Bonsai gardening is the proper watering care given to Bonsai plants. Proper water supply and watering schedule could spell the Bonsai’s continued life or caused their death. The lack of ample supply of water would cause the Bonsai plants to lose energy or dispose waste properly. Just like a human being, Bonsai plants need water to survive. Too much water will drown the Bonsai and too less water will cause the Bonsai to dehydrate. Bonsai artists should learn the proper steps and facts about watering Bonsai plants in order to become successful Bonsai artists or gardeners.
When providing water to Bonsai plants, there are two major things to consider. One is the amount of water to give to Bonsai plants. And the other is when to water the plants. When determining the amount of water to give the Bonsai plants, bonsai artists especially those who are new to the art of Bonsai gardening must not give too much or too less water. To know the amount of water to give the Bonsai plants, the Bonsai artists must know several factors about the Bonsai plants. These are size and specie of the Bonsai, size and shape of the pot, the soil mixture used and the weather conditions where the Bonsai plant is to be grown.
Smaller Bonsai waters need less water than bigger Bonsai. For Bonsais that are planted on smaller pot, less water should be supplied as compared to a Bonsai planted in a given pot since the water supplied is sipped in by more soil mixtures. Thus, the soil mixture dries up quickly.
The other factor to consider when caring for Bonsai plants is the watering schedule. The best time to water Bonsai plants is in the morning where the weather is colder. And the frequency of watering Bonsai plants depends on the season. During winter, Bonsai plants should be watered periodically to prevent the soil from drying up. During spring, summer or fall, Bonsais should be watered daily. During rainy season, the Bonsai artists must make sure that Bonsai plants, especially located outdoors gets ample supply of water from the rain.
Additionally, for better supply of water, watering containers should also be considered. As a general rule, use watering sprinkles which have holes that when the water passes through can create droplets that is similar to soft rain showers. Too much or too strong droplets will damage the soil mixture where the Bonsai is planted. And lastly, when watering the Bonsai make sure the water is completely drained to avoid over flooding the soil mixture. There are various water sprinkles available in the market that have built in holes that are specifically meant for watering Bonsai.

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