Selecting the Right Soil for Your Bonsai Tree

images (10) One of the most important parts of growing and nurturing a Bonsai tree is making the right soil selection. You have a choice of going to the local garden center and picking a soil that is suitable for your Bonsai tree or you can make your own mix with a variety of soils.
One thing that all Bonsai experts agree on is that the right soil for your Bonsai tree should be loose and facilitate water drainage. Some good examples of loose soil are shale or clay. Many Bonsai enthusiasts prefer to use volcanic soil from Japan as it is not very compact and has many nutrients that a Bonsai tree may require. However, the soil for your Bonsai tree should also be able to withhold moisture or else you will see your beautiful tree wilting away before your eyes. Therefore, when making a soil selection, these to aspects should be foremost in your mind.
Another factor that you should think about when selecting the right soil for your Bonsai tree is aeration. The soil should be able to breathe, so to say; and this will facilitate movement of oxygen into your tree.
These are some of the guidelines that you should follow when selecting soil for your Bonsai tree. Remember, there is no perfect soil that suits all Bonsai trees. If you are growing many different varieties of trees, it goes without saying that you may require many different types of soil. The best thing that you can do is be knowledgeable about your Bonsai tree and ensure you keep the above mentioned factors in mind when selecting soil for your Bonsai tree and you will not fail.

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