Sunstar Orient Ltd

100510113_logo We are a Hong Kong based company with production and sales in Vietnam. The members of the companys management have several years experience in trade and production in Asia and in Europe. We specialize in the production and trade of Asian food-industry products that meet the strictest European standards. Our suppliers are selected and controlled by experts based in Asia; we are able to offer comprehensive guarantees for our products. We also have production capacities of our own.
Our major products include:
Cucumbers (industrial and retail packaging)
Pineapples (retail)
Tomato concentrate
Baby and sweet corn
Mushrooms (industrial and retail packaging)
Palm oil
Besides production and trading, the careful selection of the products and our cost-effective logistical solutions result in a very favorable price / value ratio. As we continuously monitor the markets of the region, we are able to find and choose products at low prices without having to compromise quality as well as by providing Asia-specific market intelligence.
Please contact us if you are looking for very competitively priced quality food products or if you need reliable, expert support in the Far Eastern markets!

Company Name:Sunstar Orient Ltd

Street Address:No. 3, 210 / 1 Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi city







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