Viet Nga Co LTD

102064694_logo We are a company product vegetable in viet nam, fast growing company, and now has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of the products:
– cucumber , tomato, cherry tomato in jar, pineaple in light
– Cassia (cinnamon) : Cassia whole, cassia ground, split cassia, broken cassia. . .
– Star aniseeds: Star aniseeds with stems, star aniseeds without stems, broken star aniseeds. . .
– Desiccated coconut high fat: fine grade, medium grade
– Pine resin: gum rosin, turpentine oil
– Groundnuts kernel
– Cashew nuts
– Pepper: Black pepper, white pepper
– Coffee Beans
– Turmeric: Turmeric finger, powder and split, fresh turmeric.
– Tapioca starch
– Tea: Black tea and green tea
– Medicinal herbs
We wish to have long-term relationship with you!
Kindly contact us for further information and cooperation

Company Name:Viet Nga Co LTD

Street Address:da mai

City:Bac Giang




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