LANDSCAPE GARDENERS INSURANCE: Don’t Let An Accident Take The Bloom Off Your Business

Whether you’re self-employed or running a small business, landscape gardening is not without its hazards. Which is why you need landscape gardeners insurance.

It might sound like something from a Laurel and Hardy movie but nobody will be laughing if a customer trips over a rake you’ve left lying on the ground and suffers a fracture. Or one of your assistants badly cuts himself sawing off an old branch. Or you damage a valuable garden ornament.

Incidents like these, which can happen all too easily, can result in claims against you (more likely now than ever before with the proliferation of ‘no win, no fee’ legal services). And that will mean lawyers bills and possible compensation awards.

Without a landscape gardener insurance package, including public liability and employers’ liability, you could find your business and everything you’ve worked for at risk.

And what about the investment you’ve made in equipment and tools? Even if you don’t leave them lying around, they can still get lost or stolen all too easily. Add tools and equipment cover to your landscape gardeners insurance and that’s one less financial headache to worry about.

Insurance won’t guarantee that everything comes up smelling of roses but it will go a long way to ensuring that mishaps don’t kill your business off. Just follow the link to find the very best insurance for landscape gardeners.

Our gardener insurance package offers comprehensive protection to UK landscape gardeners, maintenance gardeners & garden mowers.



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