Guide to Landscape Gardening

Landscape gardening is about creating harmony with the surroundings and the home. It is like a dream picture with beautiful lawn, trees and garden area around a house. This requires a lot of planning and redesigning the entire land. Also the choice of the plants according to their growing season and the nature should be carefully taken care of.

Few things should be considered for such projects. To start with, the first thing to do is the survey of the land. There can be hard landscape gardening or a soft landscape gardening. Once all the facts and figures are collected you can go for preparing the plan for planting the tress. The number and position of the tress in the garden greatly affect the décor of the garden area. Trees with interesting flowers leave shape and fruits should be selected. Trees that shed their leaves early should be avoided to maintain the beauty of the landscape gardening.

Pre-surveying of the project helps you plan your budget, time-line and resolve the other related problems or complications. Landscape gardening is primarily required to give a welcoming gesture to the guests or the clients, who would approach our house or the office. It is often said that first impression counts a lot in determining the attitude of the visitor. Hence you should always give a positive impression by doing a perfect landscape gardening. The walk away, the drive away, the lawn grass and the flower beds should promote a pleasing response to the visitors.

Therefore there are two main objectives of the landscape gardening i.e. to catch attention of the visitors and secondly to convey your hearty welcome to the guests via natural beauty. The other thing to be kept in mind is the location of the garden containers and the plants. Everything should be in sync with the home design or theme. They can be artistically arranged to give a pleasing feeling. In case of offices, the driveway should be properly planned to lead to the entrance or the exit. Keeping the space limitations right garden plans should be prepared for the landscape gardening. The back and front yards should be symmetrical.

It can be a formal landscape gardening or an informal type. In case of formal one, you should go for straight paths and rows, with planned trees. Where as for the informal one, a curved path looks more artistic and interesting. Gravel or dirt can be used to cover the path and give it a finishing touch. You can also add a border to the path by planting colourful flower beds. Seasonal flowers can be planted and replanted with the change in the season. This will give a beautiful driveway to your home.

Water landscaping is also one of the features that can add to the beauty of the landscape gardening. This requires lot of hard work and planning too. Gates, fencing, arches and trellises are one of the popular and demanding features of the landscape gardening. Therefore landscaping of the garden adds beauty as well as enhances the value of the property if someone wants to sell it in the market.

Landscape gardening is about creating harmony with the surroundings and the home. It is like a dream picture with beautiful lawn, trees and garden area around a house.

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