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Web : We Hanseo Precision Industry established in May, 1996 are manufacturing Speed Sprayer as a main product, and harvester, Multi-Purpose fire fighting vehicles for forest and mountain (95% of domestic market share), Multi Sprayer for pest control, Management equipment specialized in golf course including electric utility car and the machines related to livestock farm and so on. On the basis of constant research and development, We Hanseo became No. 1 professional company in Korea manufacturing Environment-friendly products in the trend of International Industry and futhermore, we are ready to leap to the global company. We Hanseo Precision Industry Co., Ltd have adopted innovative production system and Simplified Automatic assembly line in the establishment of department of production innovation. It has been a turning point to improve not only products’ quality but also productivity and employees’ welfare, and at the moment we are exporting our products to China and Europe, and seeking to export them to Central Asia, Southeast Asia and all over the world. We are manufacturing Speed Sprayer for orchard, Mini Dumper, walk behind mower, walk behind bean harvester and power manure spreader as a farming machines, and Multi-Purpose fire fighting vehicle, taking up 90% of domestic market share and Multi Sprayer for pest control as a special vehicle, and Multi-purpose boom sprayer, electric golf cart, turf fan to

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