What is Landscape Gardening?

Landscape gardening refers to the creation and preservation of greenery in the open space around the houses, institutions, public places, golf courses and indoor gardens. It involves applying of creative designing and planning techniques to manually prepare a style and feature rich landscape garden. The selection of plants, trees, flowers, landscape scheme, layout, soil, watering requirements and manmade constructions constitutes essential features of this art, thereby implying a scientific attribute to landscape gardening.

The services of professionals can be taken to carry out these activities. These people are trained and are expert in suggesting on planting, landscaping and other aspects such as propagation and cultivation of flower crops. The tasks performed by the landscape gardener include ground preparation, planting, designing and consultations with the clients, transplantation and maintenance of lawns and other green areas.

The regular maintenance of the garden landscape is unavoidable, keeping in view the aesthetic value. There are some useful tips for landscape gardening like adoption of water saving layout schemes, construction of walking tracks along the periphery of the area, planting of grass, seasonal flowers and herbs, size of trees, and avoiding chemical pesticides. Another idea to beautify landscape garden is to develop a low height waterfall. The sculptures can add other artistic dimension to your garden. The seating arrangements in the garden should be created in a way to give a panoramic view of the whole environment. Some areas can be destined for medicinal plants being rich in nutritional values and at the same time having protective qualities from harmful creatures. The direction of wind and sun light is also a design consideration. The similar type of trees and flowers are grouped. The sunrise and sunset views should be considered for better visual appeal of your garden. The garden development on the landscape is hence a multitask phenomenon.

The landscape gardening can be done as per themes also. The themes put specific characters to the whole landscape like ancient style, decor, etc. To improve the visibility of the garden at night, the illumination design is an essential aspect. As you devote time on selection and finalization of the design, do take care of the budget.

And remember that professional help is always worth consideration.

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