Warm Weather Pushes Spring Wheat

Much of the four state spring wheat region continued to see warm weather that helped push along crop development, however, some severe storms with strong winds and hail caused crop damage in areas. The damage, while severe in areas, was not widespread. The majority of the crop is still in good condition with 82 percent rated in good to excellent condition, 15 percent in fair condition and only 3 percent rated in poor to very poor condition. Disease pressure continues to be minimal with no widespread problems reported. The forecast for the current week calls for mostly average to above average temperatures with scattered chances of precipitation.

The recent weather conditions have allowed crop progress to advance, but development is still slightly behind average. The U.S. spring wheat crop is 87 percent headed out, compared to the average of 91 percent. Almost the entire crop has headed out in Minnesota and South Dakota, while 91 percent has headed out in North Dakota and 65 percent in Montana. There have been no reports of harvest taking place but the crop is starting to turn color and ripen in areas. In South Dakota 75 percent is reported as turning color and in North Dakota 23 percent is turning. In Minnesota 67 percent is ripening, nearly double the average value, followed by 11 percent in South Dakota.

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