Working as a Landscape Gardener

In the UK there are several different garden centres; there are also several households with front and back gardens. In order to preserve the gardens and make full use of it, it may be necessary to hire a professional, if lacking the good gardening skills required to create a perfect garden.

The role of a landscape gardener is to design and develop a garden suited for its clients or customers. Landscape gardeners can work on a freelance basis or employed under gardening company, private companies, for the local authorities or hired by architects. It is essential for the landscape gardener to liaise with its client and customers to ensure the design and layout is exactly what they require on paper, before starting out on the piece of land.

Other than the general design and development of the gardens and landscapes, the landscape gardener may also be hired to modify existing gardens or landscapes as well as maintaining them. After liaising with its clients and customers, the landscape gardener will need to work with contractors to help build the garden and hire gardeners to plant any trees, vegetation or plants to create the garden. Continuous liaison with the clients and customers would prevent problems with the designs during the earlier stages.

The landscape gardener will also be involved with purchasing and hiring equipment to work on the garden as well as being in charge with the labour costs. Before any work can be done, it is important that the landscape gardener can plan out a budget on the costs and provide a quotation so that the client or customer is fully aware of the costs involved. If the costs are considerably higher than anticipated, the client may refuse to pay, therefore resulting in the landscape gardener having to bare the excess.

To be successful within this role, the landscape gardener would need to have previous design experience, have a good creative flair, be able to work within strict deadlines, have excellent communication and planning skills as well as being able to listen and carry out tasks requested. The landscape gardener can expect quite a high salary, as most of the work is contracted. The landscape gardener must be able to work hands on and work hard, because this role can be very challenging.

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