101906151_logo To our future clients
My name is Steve Porter from Far Eastern Import, Export. We have the experience to deal with the local government paperwork and shipping manifests to make an easy transaction for our customers.Having traded here now for several years we understand ways of doing business here, which is an advantage to our future customers.I welcome any of our new customers to come to Vietnam and meet with me, that way they will see the products for themselves.If people read the complaints on the forum about being scammed, the most common complaint is that they should of had someone check the product and supplier before they buy it.Thats why we offer our services, to be your eyes and ears here on the ground.
We are here to offer customers a reliable and honest contact to act as the go between for customers and suppliers.Vietnam has a large manufacturing industry due to its cost effecient workforce, shipping system and quality of products.The variety of products on offer is extremely varied and of very good quality.Many foreign companys have set up office here and more are starting each year, which is keeping the ecomomy growing at a rapid rate.I am a native English speaker and my partner is a native Vietnamese speaker. This will help so that things dont get lost in translation which happens quite often, and in turn, give a better service.If the product is not what the customer ordered, we will inform the supplier and money will not be released until we are satisfied that all is correct
Having read on Alibaba about so many people not getting what they ordered, we will not send any product until we view and inspect the products before leaving Vietnam. Our aim is to make sure our customers receive exactly what they order, and thats why we make sure we inspect it before its sent. Many scams exist in this world and we are here to make sure that we become a trusted sourcing agent for our customers.Our business has its business license, tax code and all government paperwork.. A website is now being built, so people will see the services that we offer and products we can supply.
So if you are interested in finding some costings for products you are seeking, please contact myself or Miss Ngoc. As I said before we are a scourcing company, we dont sell products,so we dont receive money from you, we only receive money from the supplier when a contract is fulfilled.I hope that we will be able to form a strong, honest and professional working relationship in the near future.
Hapy trading
Steve Porter



Address:14 / 8 Calmette Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward





Mobile Phone:84 908832169


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