Home Landscaping Design – Planning a Home Landscape Garden

Planning is an essential part of any activity. From the smallest task to the largest one planning can make your life easier and get the desired results faster.

Home landscaping design is not an exception to this. If planned with definite guidelines landscaping can be a fun activity. Here are some important points that can help you to plan out the landscape activity for faster results.
1) The first step is to get a clear idea about the purpose of your home garden. The purpose of a landscaping garden can be different for everyone. Some of the possible causes to grow a garden around home can be

a) Adding value to your home.
b) For maintenance purpose.
c) For yourself so that you can enjoy quality time with your family.

2) Write down your requirements or the elements that would like to see in your garden. This may include

a) Outdoor Patio
b) Fishponds / Rock gardens / Fountains
c) Statues
d) Walkways
e) Sandpits for kids to play

3) Once the purpose is finalized it’s time to make observations about your home yard. This required writing down all the existing elements already present in and around your home. Here is a sample list of existing landscaping elements for your reference.

a) Existing big tree and their positions from home building
b) Sunlight directions and their intensity
c) Wind flow and it’s direction
d) Presence of tall buildings around your home building (because they will obstruct sunlight)
e) Presence of street traffic/railway lines etc.
f) Presence of Lake/seashore/flowing River etc.

4) Once these simple observations are done it becomes easier to draft out a simple plan or layout using the requirements and the existing elements. You have a choice to completely remove some of the existing elements or even use them in the new design. You can create a number of alternatives or design options and then finalize one.

5) There are number of ways to execute your home landsaping design on ground. The first method is to simply hire a landscaping contactor to do this job and pay him for that or you can even do it yourself using some simple methods.

There are many critical steps involved to speed up the process of garden planning and
home landscaping design with less work yet beautiful results. Visit http://www.homelandscapingtips.info/ to learn more.

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