H&b Trading and Production Joint Stock Co.

logo_en  H&b Trading and Production Joint Stock Co.
341 – D5 road Van Thanh Bac, 25 Ward, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84-8) –
Fax: (84-8) – Email: info@xcafe.com.vn

H&b is a private limited joint-stock enterprise which was established in 1999 and whose owner is a Vietnamese. Its board of directors originate from chemical and biological engineers that are special in food processing, bakeries; in addition, it has a staff of devoted, enthusiastic employees who has a great sour for their jobs with a view to bringing basic scientific background of products to customers, being the bridge connecting customers with the world’s modern technologies, in order to make Vietnam’s products comparable to other countries’ in the region as well as all over the world.
Operating functions:
Providing ingredients, additives and right special raw materials for bakeries, ice-cream makers, coffee roasters…
– Made-ready types of Blended Cakes Mix, Pre-mix flour for food, aquatic products, restaurants…
– Supplying raw materials for the food processing…
– Roasting coffee with all nature, rich body favor & Vietnamese taste.
– Advising appliance techniques in order to improve the quality of products.

Key to our success is
* To establish and maintain relationships with raw material providers, to always exchange the latest research information and update new and most advanced technologies in the world and try to apply them in Vietnam with our philosophy for customers as:
“ 50% of the product’s success comes from choosing & using the right raw materials”.
* To be always prestigious and attentive to customers whether big or small, to advise and discuss with them technical elements that they are still in trouble with.
* Not to encourage customers to use products that they haven’t still understood their technical factors, or to favor short-term profit.
* Not to emphasize only in building the trademark at the expense of quality, to always perfect quality to enhance the trademark.
* To increase profit ratio by applying scientific research and latest improved technology in the world to transfer into user-friendly products; communicate with current and potential customers with a view to becoming the special provider for typical materials and improving final products for domestic food processing and export that work as potential key-point products of our country.

H&b always searches for and serve domestic and foreign customers with materials, products and those for export by accepting small quantity order and providing the highest quality at a price of being as low as possible. The value of our relationship with modern and prospect customers is that our communication brings pleasure to customers based on the following principles:
Assuring good quality, service and delivery of products
We assure you of our warmth and responsibility in work.

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