Vina Golden sunrise JSC

vv Vina Golden Sunrise JSC

Address: No2 Hai Thuong Lan Ong street – Vinh city – Nghe An province
Tel: 0383. 522.826 – Fax: 0383. 522.826
Email: info@binhminhvangvina.com

First, Vina Golden sunrise JSC glass sent to your company greeting respect. We wish to congratulate the health and success in life and at work.

Vina Golden sunrise JSC specialized import and export trade of agricultural products and animal feed and abroad. Over the years went into operation, our company specializing in the domains of agricultural products such as poles: Càfê, Pepper, Beans, Wu, Lac, Food …

Vina Golden sunrise JSC desired cooperation with your company, an enterprise jointly develop and bring benefits both parties. So companies ViNa Golden Dawn is eager to cooperate and associate with your long-term companies, enterprises in trade and import / export and foreign. Golden Dawn ViNa look forward to the interest and cooperation of your company, business. Best regards!


PHAN Hong Tien

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