Saved By The Bell Tribute Rap: “I Love Bayside”

This song is dedicated to the greatest and cheesiest show to ever grace a TV screen, Saved By The Bell! WANT THE T-SHIRT I AM WEARING?? (via The demand has been high for it, so be cool and get one! MY VIDEO HAS BEEN “SCREECH APPROVED” (via Twitter) SIGN THE PETITION TO GET THE CAST REUNITED ON LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON FEATURED ON: SI.COM’s HOT CLICKS COLLEGEHUMOR.COM POPTUB THE HUFFINGTON POST THIS WEEK IN YOUTUBE VOTED A “LOCAL CELEBRITY” BY INDY METROMIX DOWNLOAD THE MP3 *Parody of Asher Roth’s “I Love College” VISIT MY WEBSITE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER http BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK Im so excited right now. Please cheer along with me BBBBB-Go Bayside That party last night was off the hook caught it on Beta Broke an Elvis statue And put Hounddog up for a wager-a Johnny Dakotas smoking weed Got into The Attic with a fake ID Chief Henry was Zacks Indian Where can I get me a buddy band? Man, I Love Bayside I wanna enroll at Bayside High Learn from Belding on how to bonsai After school hit the Max where we dine And I could be Nitro on the Teen Line Im protesting cups Styrofoam cups My friends are at the beach but I wont cut I am champion at quest-ions Name the planets in their order to the sun Who cared if Zack Attack was a

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