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Email: info@akuongcafe.com.vn

Debuting in 1990 with a brand coffee is already registered A KUONG Sole Brand in Vietnam, In 2009 the Café A KUONG new officially entered the business model Coffee Company Coffee &

Tea Manufacturing Co. Phuc Thinh. With professional business activities, reputation, product quality was perfect KUONG A rapid build the brand in HCMC, Vietnam, Central Coast, and some other provinces nationwide. In 20 years of operation KUONG A, from a small production facility, A KUONG continuously invest new technology, new products such as Black Coffee Mix 2 in 1, 3 coffee milk dissolved in 1, to serve the needs of busy when the country joined the WTO, now KUONG A climate has become a trade coffee was popular throughout the South, Central

A KUONG Coffee Company is proud to have been able to meet the needs of customers of each domain and different regions. From the dense type of coffee connoisseurs for many years to drink the coffee fresh, light scent for those not familiar with the stimulant found in coffee. Crossed the border to markets like USA, Canada … with many branches, distributors operate independently. And one thing is the core brand will survive and KUONG A bold in the mind of every human being has ever used a product Kuong A coffee, the scent of coffee permeates keep on "For Your Home News more! "is the motto A KUONG gives all customers.

Once again, A KUONG would like to thank the cooperation of customers from near and far, hascreated a brand A KUONG and sustainable development!

From pure coffee beans through processing with modern technological processes, Coffee A Kuong has introduced products to the United TAN COFFEE 2 IN 1, cappuccino Instant 3 in 1. Density development now all we need alertness, confidence to meet the myriad daily work of ours to get a cup of coffee with a natural scent, not mixing time , convenient to take with you, instant coffee A Kuong will help you get a proper cup of coffee such as the slogan "Give You Confidence beyond"

Contact us if customers demand the implementation of Technology Instant coffee powder, coffee roasting process, coffee distributors Live, cooked according to customers needs. Please call us for more information. Or 0908.938938 Email: info@akuongcafe.com.vn

With the motto "Give You Confidence more!" A Coffee Kuong always creative to get a cup of coffee, natural flavor, "Coffee Buon Me Under – Coffee in Vietnam" by each of our products :

– Super Clean Cafe
– Weasel Coffee
– Moka Coffee
– Robusta Coffee
– Arabica Coffee
– Coffee
– Culi Cafe
– Se Cafe Moka
– Instant coffee black in the first two
– Instant Coffee 3 in 1 Milk

In order to help small and medium enterprises do not have access to the Coffee ProcessingTechnology soluble, A Kuong would transfer Technology Instant coffee processing for any business need

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