An Thai biotechnology Application Joint Stock Company

agf An Thai biotechnology Application Joint Stock Company is established under management of Anthaigrop system, it is a major turning-point marking the proper awareness of all staff employees in biotechnology applications from industrial waste products to make fertilizer for the plants. This has not only solved absolutely " the environment problem " in the business but also meet the necessary needs of the people in the Highland. The initial production has made a reputation and has controled the large market.
Production capacity: The investment in building factories with a capacity large company could completely satisfy the production quantities large enough to serve at home and abroad.

Head Office: B01 Hoa Phu Industrial Park, Buon Me Thuot City, Dak Lak Province

Phone: +84.500.6291835

Fax : +84.500.3685039


The mission in the early stages of development:
The modern methods application of biotechnology,biochemical in choosing and manufacture diversified fetilizers to be compatible with all kinds of plant.
Perform the renovation in an enterprise environment: Building fertilizer manufacturing technology goes together with measures to handle the problems of environmental pollution.
Oriented development:
Force construction and material facilities, technique are sufficient capacity to perform the basic techniques of the modern biotechnology, attach special importance to the genetic technology, the biologic technology, the cell technology gain to the required standards of the coutries in the region.
Create research relationship and deploy closely with the productive industries aim to meet requiries of innovating the technology of industries, locals in producing timely according to the modernize and industralize. 
Biotechnology serves the medicine and pharmacy and veterinary: process the rich amino acid tonic, treatable and preventive medicine, attach special importance to exploit the natural compounds in the plant and the wild animal, forestry and sea. 
Biotechnology serves the industrial production: attach special importance to biological agent in exploiting mineral, processing product,waste in forestry and fishery production. 
Biotechnology to Agriculture: research and innovate technology incessantly to manufacture the biology fertilizer with the high quality, bring a maximum efficiency in the agricultural productivity. 
Biotechnology serves the environment protection: clean waste water, tackle pollution of oil, make clean food.

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