An Giang Coffee Joint Stock Company

angiang An Giang Coffee Joint Stock Company


Road 4, Tam Phuoc Industrial Zone

Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam

Telephone: (0616) 280299

Fax: (0616) 280297

Dear our distinguished customers and partners,

Coffee-tree was firstly introduced to Vietnam in 1870; however, they were not planted widespread until the early 21th century in various regions. Now, Vietnam is a leading country in producing and exporting coffee in the world.

Coffee industry of Vietnam reaches its position in the world market due to the contributions of many Vietnamese people who plant and develop coffee trees. Besides, factories with modern equipments help to produce coffee of best quality to export for international consumers.

Our team of experienced managerial and technical staff ofAn Giang Coffee Import – Export Co. contributes to develop an international-standard coffee factory with its targets: Improve quality, increase product values of exported coffee. Those are our efforts to affirm the brand name of An Giang Coffee in the world mark.

The company was established in 10/2004 and the factory official came into operation in 12/2006. In recent years, we gained our prestige from many large local customers for our product quality and service. An Giang xkcf Coffee has profuse and stable material supply from Middle Highland, Quang Tri, Son La, Dien Bien. Our products are introduced in Europe, America and Asia to many ground coffee & roasted coffee processors. This is the encouragement for us in the development of An Giang Coffee.

We hope that the establishment of this website will help An Giang Coffee to approach more customers and provide better services in the future. .

Thank you for your sincere support and feedback.

    Truly yours.              

President of the Council of Members

Nguyen Van An

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