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     Thanh Son Co., Ltd specializes in contracting for construction and erection of traffic and hydraulic works. In order to take part in program on forest and ancient tea tree protection, the Company bravely expands business in domestic consumption and export tea purchase and processing.

     At present, the Company has three factories located in three key regions to fully take three most delicious tastes of Shan Tuyet Tea of Ha Giang.

– Bo Duot Tea factory in Thuong Son Commune, Vi Xuyen District

– Thuong Son Tea Factory in Vi Xuyen District

– Phuong Do Tea Factory in Phuong Do Commune

    Finished product tea is located in central of high mountainous ancient Shan Tuyet tea regions, consuming fresh bud tea for peasant.

    Factories are directly located in center of each tea region in remote communes to directly buy fresh bud tea for peasants with rational buying price. The buying price of next year is higher than that of previous year. Therefore, people who pick tea leaves feel secure and inspired, and creating thousands of labors who have leisure after harvest time, their life is gradually improved. The Company settles employment for 60 employees in processing factories with stable salary, and settles seasonal employment for 50 employees.

     Our product of Fresh Ancient Shan Tuyet Tea is liked and trusted by domestic and foreign customers.


Open letter

Respectfully addressed to: Customers!

      During past years, Thanh Son Co., Ltd with trade mark of "High mountainous ancient fresh Shan Tuyet Tea of Ha Giang" incessantly makes effort to provide customers with a kind of tea with health-fortifying, disease prevention and anti-aging for best health.

      Our guideline is that "Quality is first".

    We specialize in producing kinds of tea with high quality, and 100% of material from High mountainous ancient fresh Shan Tuyet Tea trees of Ha Giang.

    When mentioning tea, it often says tea terraced-fields, tea grown on a large scale or in lines or in beds. However, there is a kind of tea tree without lines and beds; they grow naturally between forest trees in hundred-year-old mountain at altitude of 1300m to 2000m above sea level.

    It is ancient fresh Shan Tuyet tea of Ha Giang, one of provinces where have longest Shan Tea region of the country at present. Repute of Lung Phin or Phin Ho and Thuong Son Shan Tuyet Tea persuades not only consumers but also tea gourmets. 

    Until now, Ha Giang ancient tea trees still grow and exist by themselves without people’s care. They are fresh from the earth’s womb to the environment. They grow owing to the Heaven and Earth. People here don’t use any fertilizer or insecticide, but they exploit in natural manner. Therefore, tea quality is very excellent. The older tea trees are, the more valuable their tender tea leaves are, both in taste and disease prevention as well.  

    In recent years, Ha Giang ancient tea trees are more famous. Each year, Ha Giang ancient tea trees have three crops. In spring, at the end of March and the beginning of April, people start to pick the first tea crop. The second crop is in May and June. The third crop is in August.

    To pick tea leaves, people here must go early in the morning, along mountain roads or they must use ladder to climb up for big trees, and then they sell to tea production and processing companies.

Hence, Ha Giang ancient fresh Shan Tuyet Tea is compared as Heaven’s award but not created by human.

    If you have demand in buying our product but are far from us, please contact us. We will deliver to you. Freight charge is supported 100% all over the world.

At present, the Company is seeking for partners as first-class agents in provinces in the country and abroad. 

     We would like to receive your interest both in domestic and foreign.

   Thank you so much!

Pham Thi Minh Hai Hotine: 0912.14.9889


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