Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation

head_office_re Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation
Address:DT 743 Binh Chuan, Thuan An, Binh Duong Vietnam


Telephone:0650-3642 004

Fax:0650-3642 006

Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation is one of Vietnam’s largest wooden furniture manufacturers with seven well –equipped modern technology factories and over  6500 employees. Our main products are Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Floorings, and Particle Board mainly for export market in EU, US, Australia, and Japan…                           

Currently our capacity is 5000 containers 40ft/ year. With high quality control under ISO 9001: 2000, SGS – COC- 1228 and BRC certificates we are able to satisfy most of the well- known and largest buyers worldwide under their demanding condition. We are proud of receiving many recognized international awards such as recently the International Platinum Star for Quality, awarded in Paris and many national awards in wood furniture manufacturing.

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