small_ixd1203667435 Company Information:

Abbreviated Name:THU HA COFFEE


Fax :84-59-3826391



Address:Địa chỉ: Số 09 Nguyễn Thái Học, Tp.Pleiku, Tỉnh Gia Lai

Country:Gia Lai


Company Information:
The key to the development and success of Thu Ha Coffee has been the incredible quality, wonderful taste, and reasonable prices of our products. Yet, because we are a local brand, many are unaware of our long history, and far too few have had the unique experience of enjoying a freshly brewed cup of Thu Ha Coffee amongst the beauty of the Central Highlands of Viet Nam.
Founded in 1971 with almost no working capital, Thu Ha Coffee started out as a small family run business during hard economic times. We grew, processed, and sold our products in our own coffee shop, here in Pleiku. Our goal then, as now, was to find a path to a better life while remaining true to our belief that we should produce a superior product.
Once sipped, a cup of Thu Ha Coffee leaves an unforgettable impression, with its bitter sweet taste and lovely aroma conjuring up thoughts of chilly mountain mornings. Those honored guests who have visited Pleiku retain a life-long, loving memory of winding mountain streets, cool crisp weather, warm and friendly people, and, of course, enjoying Thu Ha Coffee; the centerpiece of happy memories that linger on long after the last drop of coffee is consumed. We proudly carry on the traditions of our predecessor Dinh Dien Coffee, out of business since 1975 but not forgotten for the wonderful coffee and memories they gave so many.
Producing that memorable cup of coffee is a complex process, with no two tastes being the same. Thus, a thorough knowledge of regional tastes is essential to please people’s varied preferences. Vietnamese, for instance, favor a bitter sweet taste which is not sour. While, Western preferences run to a more plain tasting coffee that is pure and mild.
At Thu Ha Coffee we strive to produce coffee that will give you that perfect cup of java. It is a labor of love, something of which we are extremely proud; for honesty, purity, and producing great tasting coffee remain at the center of our core company values. Thu Ha Coffee is, and will always be, a 100% pure, natural product. Nothing is ever added for the sake of profits, and no additives or harmful chemicals put into our coffees. When you buy Thu Ha brand coffee you can be confident that it will contain only our pure coffee, with its signature bitter sweet taste. A delight to the senses and never a disappointment!

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