Daklak Investment Joint Stock Corporation

small_rlq1205396201 Company Information:

Company Name: Daklak Investment Joint Stock Corporation

Abbreviated Name: Đắk Lắk

Telephone: 84-500-852233

Fax : 84-500-852864

Email :

Website :

Address: 228 Hoàng Diệu – Buôn Ma Thuột City

Country: Đắk Lắk

Profession: Agriculture

Company Information:
Inexim Daklak ‘s production technology has been shaped by our mission of delivering coffee demanded by today’s world ahead of our competitors. From its very beginnings Inexim Daklak has used high-tech equipment from Japan, and we are continuing in our quest for the best tasting coffee.
Our coffee comes from the well-known highlands of Daklak like Buôn Ma Thuột, Buôn Hồ, ĐakMil, Trung Hòa, Buôn Trấp. For the production we have not stopped there and have continued our never-ending search to draw out the taste of coffee to its highest level with our modern production technology.
Sustainable coffee
Although its environmental impact is almost always positive it is important that coffee production and processing should take into account environmental needs to ensure optimal physical sustainability. But it is even more necessary that the economic environment should be such as to encourage stability and reasonable living standards for the populations involved with coffee, and to ensure that adequate care may be given to ensure the maintenance of quality.
Through coffee development projects, Inexim Daklak wishes to encourage the improvement and diversification of old coffee plantations where feasible towards dynamic market segments such as organic and gourmet coffee. It also works towards a balanced market through supporting initiatives to encourage demand. Finally it seeks to promote the use of optimally friendly environmental technologies through the production and processing chain, with integrated biological pest control and improved technology for the washing process.


Contact: Dinh Tai

Telephone: 84-500-854524

Email :

Address: 228 Hoàng Diệu Thành Phố Buôn Ma Thuột Tỉnh Đăklăk

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