Kien Nam Export – Import Trading Co., Ltd.

culi61621_size Our disire and a passion to bring all values of coffee to people and  hope to help protect our green planet from the global warming with people around the world, in the beginning 2000, we had started researching on coffee and its values that means to our life.  After many years of research, we decided to establish Kien Nam Trading Import – Export Co., Ltd. on 2008 to set a foundation for further development in order to make dream come true. in the end of 2009, we have successfully studied and the name COPEN COFFEE was officially born.

With our  desire, all of us  want  Copen Coffee will give people a different  look on coffee, and  contribute simultaneously  to create a new better world, a world for community health.

Our mission and vision

To survive and develop in long-term, we must get clear the trends of age that  will help our business become better and always straight forward. with Copen, we know that we need to set ourself a long-term goals, a picture of our perspective and it is also our vision. It will give us and our partner clear direction to success.


Our long-term goal as well as our core purpose throughout the business is to spread the coffee culture to everybody around the world.


Copen hopes to be  socialization

Core values

– Honesty, kindness, devotion, prestigiousness.

– Treat everyone well as the same way we want others treat us.

– Activeness,creativeness,enthusiasm

– Passion and Determination

– Making conversation and listen all time to get the mutual promotion.

– Building up the friendly relationship

– Copen is the second family of all employees

– Be modest

– Profit will be share together.

– Community contribution.

Copen Culture

– Integrity: all employees at Copen must be straightforward and honest

– Respecting: all employees at Copen must be respected and treated fairly.

– Listening and sharing: all employees must listen to and share with customers, supplier and colleagues.

– Taking effect: Appraising employees’ work based on performance rather than chasing achievements.

– Teamwork: all employees consider Copen as your family that has no discrimination based on regions, languages

– Managing people: the appropriate employee must be recruited, trained, encouraged and supervised, simultaneously be treated fairly and rewarded adequately.


Kien Nam Export – Import Trading Co., Ltd.

Add: 12, D15 Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dicstrict, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tel: (84.8) 62 67 19 65    |      Fax: (84.8) 62 67 19 67



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