1410_Logo_LOGO1392077112 VINH HOANG CO., LTD.

Address: F4, Thanh Phu industrial Park, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
Phone: (84-61) 396 6344      Fax: (84-61) 396 6343    

Website: www.vinhhoang-decoration.vn

Company introduction

Vinh Hoang products are not only the folder metal products and covered with paint or made by cool mechanizing technology like the other products on the market, but also they are the forged metal products made by the clever hands and fascinating hearts in art of skillful workers. They knead and curve the dry and cold steel billets to become the solf  and more flexible products with natural charming stroke to beautify the living space.

Company Profile

Company name:Vinh Hoang Co., Ltd.

Address:F4, Thanh Phu industrial Park, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam


Representative:Mr Đinh Ngoc Vinh

Job Title:Director

Contact person:Mr Nguyen Thanh Loi

Job Title:Sale Staff

Year of foundation:2005

Company type:Manufacture, Trading

Registered capital:From 1 – 5 Million (USD)

Yearly revenue:From 1 – 5 Million (USD)

Export revenue:From 1 – 5 Million (USD)

Primary products:Furniture, Rattan Furniture, Bamboo Furniture, Hyacinth Furniture, Ceramics, Wood, Iron

Primary markets:US, EU

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