428_Logo_1423_logo TRE LANG MANUFACTURE CO., LTD.

Address: 2nd floor, 54 Phung Van Cung Street, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (84-8) 3995 1355 – 84913866773      Fax: (84-8) 3995 4208     Website: www.livingbamboo.com

Company introduction

TRE LANG also names Living bamboo, a Vietnamese Manufacturer and Exporter of :
-Bamboo furnitures (bamboo chair, table, sofa, bed, desk, bench, lounge, cabinet),
-Bamboo bars,
-Bamboo lighting (silk lamp, light),
-Bamboo flooring (flat bamboo floor),
-Bamboo housewares (tray, box, holder of name card; chopstick; CD, basket, candle, stand of magazine; umbrella; vase; CD, coat rack, CD rack, bamboo mat, door mat, placemat, table runner),
-Bamboo gazebos, tents, gardening
-Bamboo decoration items (mirror, picture frame, water machine, water fall).
Established since 1999, beginning as a sub-contract workshop TRE LANG has profuse experience in bamboo projects of resorts, hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, cafeteria, gardens, landscapes, gardening bridges, water falls, gazebos, relax halls. Now we become a Manufacturer and Exporter of wide ranges of bamboo products. Our bamboo products can be found in retail shops, resorts, restaurants in Tokyo , Barcelona , Marseille, San Francisco and Miami .
Bamboo is ecological preserved products as it grows buds very fast. Bamboo grows in every parts of Vietnam and there are around 220,000 square miles of bamboo forests. After being defoliated by Agent Orange in the American War, bamboo was the first species to begin regenerating the forests. Today, poor villagers in Vietnam grow bamboo for their living as bamboo can be used for furniture products and constructions for themselves.
TRE LANG Co. plays role to connect Vietnam culture to foreign countries though our products’ design, and creates jobs to poor villagers in our workshop as well as sub-contracts to their own family around. We donate scholarships to poor villagers’ children as giving a hand to help them to change their life. Along our development is our commitment to support back to poor villagers who stick most of their lifetime to bamboo.
Coming to TRE LANG you’ll be satisfied with our good service, best quality, competitive prices and punctual deliveries. We welcome customers around the world to do business with us as well as to contribute ideas for bamboo development.

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