Sonic Adventure 2: Battle – Clear Chao Tutorial

**BECAUSE I’VE GOTTEN SOME FAVORITES ON THIS VIDEO, I WON’T BE MAKING A REDO.** Here is a tutorial of how to breed a clear chao in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The following is a more detailed explanation: 1)Make sure the shiny and metallic chaos are 1+ years old. They won’t mate if they’re 0 years old (baby). And the metallic chao can only be found on Sonic Advance. 2)When they’re ready, get two heart fruits for both chaos. They only cost $300. 3)Then give them the fruits. Hopefully, at least one ends up having flowers bloomed around it. 4)Afterwards, put the one with/without flowers in front of the other, and hope they mate. 5)If they do mate and you want to speed up the proccess, just shake the egg 5-8 times. The personality of the newborn chao depends on its parents’ personalities. **Sorry for the horrible quality, I don’t know why it’s doing that.** If you need anymore specific details, I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Just send me a message.

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