Rainwater harvesting course to be held in Kinney County

Rainwater harvesting course to be held in Kinney County

BRACKETVILLE – A Rainwater Harvesting Workshop will be held from 1-5 p.m. on Sept. 17 at the Kinney County Civic Center, 200 E. Spring St. in Bracketville.

The workshop, presented by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, will be led by Billy Kniffen, AgriLife Extension specialist in water resources management.

“Billy Kniffen is an expert on rainwater harvesting and has extensive experience with many types of rainwater catchment systems,” said Tyler Bobinmyer, AgriLife Extension agent for agriculture and natural resources for Kinney County and workshop coordinator. “He has worked with private landowners homeowners, schools, cities and counties, lending expertise and technical assistance toward building many catchment systems.”

Bobinmyer said program topics will include water quality and quantity concerns, and rainwater harvesting systems for home use, landscape irrigation, wildlife and livestock. The workshop also will include hands-on construction of a ‘wildlife guzzler’ rainwater catchment system using a rain barrel and connections for drip irrigation.

“With the state’s growth and limited water resources, efficient water use is increasingly important,” he said.

The cost for the workshop is $5 at the door, but attendees are requested to RSVP to the AgriLife Extension office in Kinney County at 830-563-2442 to ensure adequate seating.


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