Address: 42 Cu Chi St., Vinh Hai Ward, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, VietNam
Phone: (84-58) 3836 825 – 0914238284      Fax: (84-58) 3838 252     Website: www.tashun.com.vn

Company introduction

Founded on 27/07/1992 and specialized in processing and exporting dried seasoned seafood, Dai Thuan Co., Ltd has been changed into Dai Thuan Joint-Stock Company on 01/01/2007 in order to expand diversified operations, to develop internal strength and to get good occasions as an integration of Vietnam into mondial economy .
Business domains: Processing seafood and agricultural products; Commerce; Service and Tourism.
Charter capital: VND (Forty billions of Vietnam dong)
Value of stocks: 10.000 VND / stock

5114_11881_27e_L Main products:
Dried seafood (Sardine, Anchovy, Hairtail fish, Small fish); Dried seasoned seafood (Leather jacket, Stingray’s fin, Long spine seabreamred, Big eyes fish); Instant seafood (Sardine, Squid, Stingray’s fin, Anchovy); Dried fruit (Banana chip, Jack- fruit chip, Potato or Sweet potato chip)

Commercial activities:
    Import and monopoly in distribution of Korean and Thai ice cream. Agency of another importers and producers. System of A MART Retail Outlets.

Service and Tourism:
    High-grade Restaurant; Tourist Stop; Superior Ecotourism Resort; Other service tourist activities.

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