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Address: 28 Le Thuc Hoach Street, Phu Tho Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam
Phone: (84-8) 5434 2053      Fax: (84-8) 5434 2051     Website: www.anthaigroup.vn

Company introduction

An Thai Group was founded in 1996 in the competitive trend and global integration and its leading roles: researching and developing in processing and exporting coffee, define: We defined that the apprehension , summary and potential promotion, internal resources and mastering of technology were as the main strategic goals to successfully combine the Research with Business Manufacturing. An Thai Group has maintained, developed and occupied domestic market with products that meet the criteria: Advanced – Compatibility – Worldwide, we replace imported products, try our best for the development of Vietnamese coffee house, reach its integration with the Coffee Community in the region and all over the world.
An Thai Group was established Shareholders’ meeting on the basis of combined 6 members:
1) An Thai Company Limited
2) An Thai instant coffee Company
3) An Phu shares trade Joint Stock Company
4) Sai Gon An Thai  Import-Export Joint Stock Company
5) An Thai Biotechnology Application Joint Stock Company
6) An Thai Coffee Export and Investing Joint Stock Company.
Building and developing Process of An Thai Group through the following stages.

– Strating business in 1992 and in 1996, An Thai Company Limited was established and complied with Viet Nam Business Law.
– In 1997, We established a branch in Gia Lai province and later ( in 2005), it was converted into An Cuong Joint Stock Company with its function: trading
– Founded in 2001 City branch, he later converted into Saigon – An Thai JSC with major functions: import and export
– In 2001, We established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City, and later, it was converted into Sai Gon An Thai Joint Stock Company with its functions: import and export.
– In 2001, we established a branch in Ha Noi capital to distribute and consume the products with the trademark “AnTháicafé”
– In 2005, sales department was converted into An Phu Trading Joint Stock Company with its functions: trading and distribution the products in Tay Nguyen.
– In 2007, we established An Thai Instant Coffee Joint Stock Company to produce Instant Coffee.
– – In August, 2009, we established An Thai Biotechnology Application Joint Stock Company, it applies the biotechnology for Agricutural Manufacturing and Industrial plants and and solves the environmental problem in the business by utilizing waste coffee in the biotechnology application to produce the microbiologic fertilizer.
– In November, 2009, making joint venture coffee processing factory into An Thai Coffee Export and Investing Company
Six members are under a group who shake hands together to set up An Thai more and more strong and prosperous.

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