Hermit Crab Care : How to Breed a Pet Hermit Crab

It’s impossible to breed pet hermit crabs because there is no way to create their natural breeding environment. Learn how hermit crabs lay eggs in the ocean with this free video from a exotic pet specialist on hermit crab care. Expert: Cordell Jacques Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years, currently working at Huron Pet Supply in Ann Arbor, Mich. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

25 Replies to “Hermit Crab Care : How to Breed a Pet Hermit Crab”

  1. this guy knows NOTHING!!!!! i’ve watched most of his videos and he always says it’s nearly impossible!!!!! urg!!!! :-S

  2. Why have the title saying How to breed a hermit crab,if in the beginning he says there is no possible way?!?!?!!?

  3. @DraconianSilenced actually, these painted shells are not self-painted. they are store bought. i saw a shop selling these colourful shells before. (:

  4. @SOXFOX painted shells are bad bad bad. when the paint chips. guess what? mr/mrs.hermie dies. they can eat the paint pollute the water and other hermies will die from eating it. SAY NO TO PAINTED SHELLS!

  5. @DraconianSilenced So? It’s not like the crab is negatively affected by it, and if it were so bothered by it, it would change into a new shell. I see hermit crabs who actually prefer painted shells over non painted shells, so I see no problem.

  6. you can breed hermit crabs in captivity it has been done get your facts straight

  7. so wait you said how to breed captive born hermit crabs so if no one can breed them then how are they captive born???????

  8. hermits cant live in that painted shells forever bcuz if the paint flakes off, the can eat it and die.get natural shells

  9. they’re like frogs…gotta live in water in 1st cycle of life, then wet land the 2nd part

  10. theres alot of debate about hermit crabs being able to drown because they have gills but are land crustaceans

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