5088_Logo_17 MY LE CO., LTD.

Address: DT 741 Street, Long Hung Commune, Phuoc Long District, Binh Phuoc Province, VietNam
Phone: (84-651) 3778 360      Fax: (84-651) 3776 260     Website: www.myle.com.vn

Company introduction

My Le Pte. was established in 1993 was the precursor of My Le Co., Ltd. At the beginning, we had more than 200 workers, deficient capital, little production experience, simple facilitiy and technique . The laborers’ average turnover per month was only 350,000 VND.
After 10 years, in 2003, we upgraded our business from our advanced production lines to better facilities and strong orgarnization. Workers increased over 7 times , and their life was improved with their accomodation and ecological tourist park .

heir turnover of 830,000 VND/ month increased two times compared to 1993’s.

Our factory of 200,000 square meters locates in the area of high quality raw cashew material in Vietnam.

  • Purchasing, processing exported farm produce , trading raw cashew, coffee, and all kinds of beans.
  • Trading processed food,exploiting, producing, and trading purified drinking water.
  • Processing exported canned fruits.
  • Building and trading in ecological tourism.
  • Production and Environment.
  • Doing business in tourism, culture, stage, sport, restaurant, food, and drink.

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