Address: 243 Nguyen Sinh Cung street, Hue City, Vietnam
Phone: (84-54) 3850164-3850165      Fax:      Website: www.huda.com.vn

Company introduction

Lying on romantic Huong river, Hue Beer Company is not only recognized as one of Vietnamese leading companies but also an address of kindness for thousands of hard lives. In addition, it contributes a large part to Thua ThienHue budget on the way of development.

A mark for a pathway of development

October 20th 1990 marked an important day when Decision No.315 QD/UB on Hue Beer Factory establishment approved by Thua Thien Hue People’s Committee. Hue Beer Factory was born firstly in the form of joint venture to meet the local demand of beer and replace those existing low quality machineries. It is a cooperation between state-owned and private enterprises in Hue, the primary investment was 2.4 million USD with capacity of 3 million litres/year.

Being a product of matching for Vietnamese, Huda is among the leading Vietnamese products to penetrate USmarket since the very first day of embargo lifting in 1994. Huda beer is now available in many countries and regions: Asian (Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and Japan etc), Europe (France, Portugal, and England etc)

Applying all the advanced technology in production, Huda beer is stepping in new challenges. Huda Beer has planned two more beer factories: one in Phu Bai Industrial Park and one in Dong Ha – Quang Tri for its expansion. In the nearest future, Huda Beer Factory in Phu Bai Industrial Park with production capacity of 100 million litres/year will be put into operation in summer 2007 to timely meet the demand of market and ready to move towards globalization trend when Vietnam becomes a member of WTO by the end of 200.

An address of helping hand for hard lives.

Together with the efforts in business, Huda beer is also known as a reliable address for people of difficulties with a remarkable part in its revenue to local charity fund. Mr. Nguyen Mau Chi – Huda Beer General Director said that Huda beer social activities are on large scale to build up the trademark and to positively help the poor people or families of policy in remote areas. The total amount is more than 7,3 billion VND funded by staff and market development funds. Huda beer spends another amount for pupils of difficulty with excellent studying results. Up to now, “Hope” scholarship of Huda Beer for high school pupils of 9 Middle provinces with the total amount up to more than 2.1 billion VND. These have lent a helping hand to them to continue pursuing their study and contribute to their hometowns. Moreover, Huda beer has joined in poverty reduction and hunger eradication programs in A Roang (A Luoi district) and border defending post 633 in A Luoi district, supporting people suffering from floods and calamities. The most recent number is more than 55 million VND for Chanchu flood in Da Nang, Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue. These are among the many meaningful activities that Huda Beer has carried out. They are the witnesses of kindness and responsibilities for community.

2nd “For the development of Community” Golden Cup has been awarded to Huda beer for its achievements. This golden cup is co-organized by Vietnam General Labor Union, Vietnam small and medium sized enterprise association, South East Asia Science Research Institute, Vietnam Collection Association, Rural and Mountainous Socio-economic development Consultancy Institute, and Hanoi Culture Company. In 2006, “For the development of Community” Golden Cup has been awarded to 22 individuals and 97 enterprises with outstanding achievements in business, social and charity activities. In Thua Thien Hue, Huda beer proud of being the only enterprise to be granted this reward.

Based on Huda’s achievements during the past 15 years of development, Huda beer is very proud to be awarded the following precious presents:

ï‚·        The second rank Labour Decoration.
ï‚·        The third rank Labour Decoration.
ï‚·        Certificate for Excellence performance from Prime Minister.
ï‚·        Certificate for Excellence performance from Vietnam Central Fatherland Frontier.
ï‚·        Certificate for Excellence performance from Vietnam Labour Union
ï‚·        Certificate for Excellence performance from Ministry of Finance
ï‚·        Certificate for Exellence performance from ministries, departments and People’s Committee.

Customer recognition :

ï‚·       Viet golden Star reward.

ï‚·        Vietnamese high quality products – customer selection.

ï‚·        Golden quality reward.
ï‚·        “For the community development” reward.
ï‚·        Top 100 trademarks in Vietnam.
ï‚·        Top ten profitable joint venture in Vietnam.

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