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  1. @ferrets95 no just leave the substrate in the container and the babies will eventually hatch.

  2. what wattage should the heating pad be for incubating the eggs? what wattage should the heat lamp be for incubating the eggs if i use that?

  3. If you take a shallow plastic dish and fill it with “dollar store” marbles (single layer) and pour in water, the crickets can easily drink without drowning. The water lasts alot longer than wet paper towels. Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. i have 3 difrent cages the breeder tub i use potting soil to lay eggs in then 1 week later i put the eggs into a very very humid tuc when the crickets are a nice size i put them into the feeder bin thenthey go in my baby crested geckos cage as his next victims

  5. Here’s a SUPER EASY way to Gut load your crickets to feed to your pets.

    Put in like 10 – 15 BIG REPTOMIN Pellets (that contains calcium, vitamins, etc)
    The crickets will it eat them, and it easy clean up too.

  6. So how well did this work out for you? I am thinking about doing something similar.

  7. lots of info! good job. i have a questio;n though,
    how long does it take for a medium sized cricket ( about this water ____) to become full grown? thanks a ton

  8. Just to help… the crickets get the eggs in them wen theyre young not wen there adults so you would also save some money i guess and space if you got straight up females

  9. I have a Savannah Monitor Lizard. Hes about 8 inches long and I usually feed him about 3 to 5 crickets a day plus either a few meal worm, a night crawler, or a pinky, Im thinking of breeding them in 2 1 gallon icecream buckets with about the same setup, and I dont know how long hes gonna eat the crickets, but its gonna be a while. sould I go big and breed alot of them or just stick like 15 or 20 of them in the bucket and just keep getting bigger? The lizard is supposed to get 4 feet long.

  10. Do we keep the substrate in the container and just move the container or shake the substrate out? plz reply imediatly if possible thanks

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