Livestock production & the environment

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  1. i think we all as adults need to get educated in the problem..its sad the poorer countries cant even buy rice which is so cheap here, we need to all make a decision to eat less meat and diary we are all killing ourselves, its not good for our health at all

  2. The problem is to many humans on the face of the earth. Sterilise 4 out of 5 human babies born. Less humans means a better life for everything in the world. 99% of the worlds problems is do to overpopulation of humans. Too to 2 two many fucking people! When will the fools of the world realise this?

  3. Freedom of choice!? For what price!!
    The law of global economy will bring all of us in a dead end with terrible consequences.
    How can we stop the destruction, how can we stop this from happening!!

  4. Two people halving their meat intake is as good as one person going veggie, every effort helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I don’t really eat meat unless i have to
    but over population of animals is cruel for the animal because then they starve

  6. Awful! 2/3 of fresh water that human use goes to irrigation. It is costly expansive to feed, water and move livestock. worse, farms factories jam packed animals into tight enclosed spaces resulting in animals eating each other feces and contaminating their blood stream, our groundwater and polluting our air. If the unethical treatment doesn’t get to you think about the hefty ecological cost animal agricultural produces; they misuse crops, water, energy, and grazing areas. An ecological disaster!

  7. Eating meat is fine, as long as you only eat what you need, you don’t throw anything away, and keeping in mind that animals die to feed you.

  8. More emphasis on the conditions in which the animals are kept and the way in which they are slaughtered. Stronger, or more emphatic, ending.

  9. a long with that we should also worry about the way they execute the animals it sould be last painful form them !!!!!

  10. 1) Reduce meat eating to 2 meals / week
    2) Reduce the size of the serving
    3) Save our species

    (SO) EAT LESS MEAT!!! save the World YOU’re living in! save the fu….g Planet that enables you to live!

  12. Us (humans) are responsible for the animals on this planet. They can’t speak up for themselves and we should look after them and treat them with respect!!!!

  13. why are these types of productions being supported??? because bio- farmers can’t cpompete with intensive methods… where is the funding/ education to encourage smart farming?…. many countries demand that farmers protect the land and water tables… in return they get funding and price control… it’s called sustainable farming…. demanding organic would mean less meat on market….this would also increase the price of meat therefore decreasing consumption etc etc… we can change the world

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