How to Breed Cats : How to Take Care of Newborn Kittens

Keeping up with a newborn kittens’ many needs, such as nutrition, food and water and shelter, are discussed in this free video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan, DVM Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated veterinary school at North Carolina State University in 1993 and now owns and runs Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic in Camp Verde, Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

25 Replies to “How to Breed Cats : How to Take Care of Newborn Kittens”

  1. i need help i have an 8 week old kitten and a 7 year old cat the kitten is still geting used to the house and the cat it is going to the kitten and then growling and hissing and the kitten is female and the cat is male so is this normal

  2. my queens teats havent grown, they didnt with the last litter and the kittens wouldnt feed off her what can i do to make them bigger? and should the kittens stil feed even though the teat hasent grown? shes got a week of pregnancy left

  3. me to.. i bought a baby feeder but it is very hard… i have to stay up all night to keep it alive.

  4. SOMEONE message me! i have a kitten less then 2weeks old and no mother…any advice is welcomed

  5. buy a orhpan cat bottle from the nearest walmart country mart commasary and buy some kitten milk replacer warm it up for ten seconds in the microwave check it on yoour rist and feed away

  6. what if i dont have a mom cat? i found the little guy in a alley being barked at by dogs

  7. thanx i will try that with my poor cat
    i faund her and she with out her mam
    she just 3 day
    in that day i was wish to have a cat
    thin i find raine
    it was raining when i found her
    so i name her raine
    sad story XD
    by the way
    you kill the doll XD

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  9. I agree in purchasing a cat from the shelter, however I believe cat breeders ARE needed, think about it, if breeders did not breed a certain breed of cat, they would eventually not exist. However yes, I think you should get your cats from a shelter, but there is nothing wrong with breeders as long as they are in it for the good of the breed and not for the profit.

  10. I hate cat breeders. As long as cats are poisoned, shot, tortured and euthanized, I will always hate cat breeders. Why would you choos to breed cats when there is such an overpopulation problem. DON’T BREED OR BUY WHILE INNOCENT ANIMALS DIE!!!!!!

  11. damn Youtube cut me off. Also tell your friend that if she wants to know when the kittens are coming she could try squeezing the nipples. Once the milk comes in the kittens should be born in a day or two.

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