Moc Chau tea company

mocchau2 Moc Chau tea company

Address:      Moc Chau district – Son La province.
Tel:              84.022.866059.
Fax:             84.022.866559.


and are protected interms of its brand, logo, origin and certified by quality management standard 4 units authorised to distribute MocChau tea products are:
-Importing and exporting department #2 of Vinatea
-HongTra Trade and Tourist Company
-HuongTra Trade Company.
-NamSon Trade Company.
Vinatea is not responsible for the quality of Mocchau tea products supplied by other companies

Director: Mr. Pham Tien Lo.

Moc chau Tea Company is situated in North-West grassland of Vietnam with an average height of 1050 m compared to sea surface. The climate and land conditions are rather good for growing tea plants. Moc chau province will be a tea region of huge concentration, high quality and traditional features in Vietnam in the near future.

Moc chau Tea Company is the first company in Vietnam granted Certificate of Origin by the world for Shan tuyet tea.

Moc chau Tea Company is also the first company in Vietnam granted Certificate of ISO 9001, version 2000 for the quality management.

Công ty chè Mộc Châu có:

  • 01 black tea processing factory with an advanced and synchronous OTD production line could supply the capacity of 1,500 tons/year.

  • 01 green tea processing factory with the most advanced and synchronous production line is imported in Taiwan specializes in  producing Oolong tea, Pouchung tea from the tea breeds of Kim huyen, Ngoc thuy, Bat tien, Oloong, Shan tuyet … in the company’s tea garden. The annual capacity of 600 tons/year.

  • 02 green tea processing factories with a modern production line is made by China, Taiwan, Vietnam produce plenty of green tea, flower scented tea, grass scented tea … meeting foreign and local markets’ orders.

  • Large-sized concentrated tea garden of 1,100 hectares with high quality tea breed is taken care in accordance with particular process as Kim huyen, Ngoc thuy, Bat tien, Oloong, Shan tuyet …

  • The national project’s tea garden of precious new breeds with high quality of China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam … are available to meet all organizations’ or individuals’ needs.

  • Products:








Kinds of black tea are applied Orthodox technology with products of OP, BOP, FBOP, P, POKOE, BP, PS, BPS, F, D and OPA.

  • Special green tea products with tea materials are grown at the height of 1050m: Oloong tea, Pouchung tea, dried green tea by gas with white snow has special quality and original features.

  • Packed end tea products from 2gr/pack (teabag) to 150 gr/pack with marks: Shan tuyet, Van son, 21 century tea, Thanh long, Tung hac, Chau moc …

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