8 Tips to Inspect Your Computer Speed After Malware Removal

It also displays a wide range of details related to the drivers and the processors that are possibly the reason behind the blue screen. Ever experienced the Blue Screen while working on your system? If not all, most of us must have gone through this some or other time missing dll file.

Here are a few steps which address frequently encountered problems in BSoD. zyrrahXD asked the Windows forum if a Blue Screen of Death can severely damage a PC. The BSOD you meet can result from errors on your hard drive. You can run the disk checking tool built in Windows 7 with Command Prompt to fix the errors. Debugs kernel-mode that is memory wastes created after your system has crashed due to the Blue Screen of Death.

It reminds us, if only in the abstract, that we are responsible for much more than we think. Restoro also increases performance, stops computer freezing and system crashes as well as improves overall PC stability. With regular use, Restoro will constantly refresh your Operating System which will keep your computer running at its best. Restoro is a fast, easy and safe solution to fixing Blue Screens and all other Windows errors. Restoro has over 25,000,000 files in a repository and actually fixes your corrupted, malfunctioning and missing Windows software files.

Troubleshooting A Pc Crash Or Blue Screen Error (Bsod)

It even knows that without us, it’s own world inside the PC would collapse. The Blue Screen of Death has to convince us of the severity of problems we cannot see, but that only we can fix.

  • Sometimes simply restarting your computer will get rid of the fatal blue screen.
  • Reboot your computer normally to see if any drivers were causing the issue.
  • Press “F8” repeatedly when your computer is starting up to get to the “Windows Advanced Options” screen if your computer will not boot up in safe mode.
  • If you see an option screen, choose “Attempt to start Windows normally” by pressing “Enter” when the option is highlighted.
  • – To put it simple, some drivers are just no good with certain combinations of hardware.
  • Try older revisions of certain drivers and seek out newer drivers.


Run Restoro free scan to get a free PC report to see what PC issues you have and also get a free spyware and virus scan. In case you have a hardware problem the scan will detect it and inform you.

It’s one of the most feared errors of the system that leads your system to crash in the midst of an ongoing session, causing any unsaved files to be lost partially or completely. The causes can again be a Windows Update, a device driver update or a recently installed hardware. To make sure the updates are the reason, use the method explained above to isolate problem update and then block it. The Blue Screen helps reconcile another such divorce between reality and our idea of it. Blue understands that we are preoccupied with the small portion of the computer we can see and touch.

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